Fox XC Grand Prix (GP) Race October 20th

Come run the dirtiest, coolest and cheapest GP race of the year.  The course is not your typical race course as it loops around the Lake Los Carneros Park both on the service road and through the single track trails on dirt.  This is a true Cross Country style course that will test your fitness and navigation skills.  You will get to see parts of the park that seldom get visited by runners.  If you’re lucky you might even spot the bobcat that lives there, but don’t worry he only eats slow runners.

It is one of the smallest GP events that SBAA has to offer which means it is an opportunity to place high and either gain some ground on other competitors or expand your lead.  It is also a great way to spend a Sunday morning getting your shoes dirty, running with friends and communing with nature.  So ditch the road and come join in at the Fox XC race.

SBAA had an opportunity to discuss the race with local running legend Tim Strand who is the Race Director for this quaint little race.  He was able to give some history on the race and we can vouch for the prizes and post-race treats, they are worth the pain.

 How long has this race been in existence?

The race was created in 2004 by Jim Kornell, in response to the lack of cross country races in town. Jim named it “Psipsina’s, Juliet’s and Ajax’s XC,” after his grandkids. In 2009 the name was shortened slightly to the Fox Fall XC Classic.

General information about the XC, how long is the course, cost, where?

The race starts at 8:00am on Sunday, October 20th at Lake Los Carneros in Goleta. It’s a 5-mile race, and costs only $10. And it’s a Grand Prix race, the only XC race in the GP! There’s also a (free) kid’s race, which is 1 mile, and starts at 9:00am.

 What is the course like?

The course is four loops of mostly trails around the park and lake. It’s very flat but with lots of twists and turns. The course records are 27:52 (Eric Forte, 2010) and 29:28 (Drea McLarty, 2009).

 Does the race support a charity or non-profit organization?

All profits from the race – should we ever generate any – are donated to local kids athletic programs through the SBAA.

What are your goals for the race (as Race Director)?

This has been one of my favorite races in town, which is one reason I ended up RD. I like the low-key, no-frills nature of it, just friends getting together to race around a park. I hope to maintain that.

How many people typically participate in the race?

We typically have 40-50 runners, which is a good number, given the narrow and crisscrossing nature of the course.

 If you could say one thing about this race to convince someone to do it, what would it be?

The most common comment I get from people after this race is “This is my favorite race of the year!”

 Is there any great swag the runners should know about?

We have the best tasting prizes in town, with chocolate chip-pumpkin bread for the top three men and women and the first masters man and woman. For everyone, the post-race treats are all Oktoberfest: beer brats, sauerkraut, pretzels and German beer.

 Anything else we should know?

You can find more information, including maps and directions, at