Sandy Roberts

Sandy Roberts

Name three things that get better and better with age

……how about stories about your youthful athletic accomplishments…..any really fine wine……and Sandy Roberts. Sandy was an occasional runner, along with other sports….then decided to try triathlons, starting from scratch… he got better, his races got longer and at age 62, he completed Ironman Arizona with a smile….next came his renewed running focus.. He had a rocky LA Marathon (complete with two days in the ER)….but clearly, that experience did not slow Sandy down. He wowed the hometown crowd with his amazing performance at the 2011 Santa Barbara International Marathon, winning his age group and qualifying for Boston. He has maintained his fitness and level of performance, leading his age group in this year’s SBAA Grand Prix. And he just keeps getting better!

Name: Sandy Roberts
Age: longer buy green bananas
Employment: Self Employed
Family: Wife Helen, two daughters Kelsey and Karlyn, 2 Jack Russells and one cat
Other sports, hobbies, interests, etc.: Snowboarding, Biking, traveling
Most Prized Possession: Family.
Favorite Food: Comfort Food
Favorite Movies: Twelve Angry Men (original)
Favorite Spectator Sports: Basketball
My friends describe me as: Competitive, Motivating, Crazy
My trademark expression is: “What were you thinking?”
In the next 5 years, I hope to: Still be competitive
In the next 10 years, I hope to:Still be healthy …and not a grumpy old man
Personal accomplishments: Hold record for oldest in SB Tri Club, at age 62, completing “first time” Ironman
Personal fact that will surprise my friends: I am a softee
Favorite Running Shoes: New Balance 2E…my feet are getting wider and flatter?
Best Race and Why: 2011 SB Marathon…. qualified for Boston Marathon, won age group (after IM)
Worst Race and Why:LA Marathon, 2 days in ER (see
Average Weekly Mileage (last 12 months): 30ish
Lifetime Running Goals: To continue without serious injury
Local Running Heroes & Why: I’m relatively new to the group and have CRS for names but easy to spot and hear is Arnie Brier. He is always fun, helpful and quick on good advice. Joe Howell helps me every time we run together. Recently he was giving advice to fellow runners, soon-to-be taking the bar exam and at the same time advising me on swimming Alcatraz all without breathing hard. Then there are guys like Gary Clancy who annoyingly prevent me from playing the age card!
Favorite Quote:Don’t sweat the small stuff. (I’m working hard on this.)
Add Anything: My lovely wife, Helen read this profile. She edited out words like “superman”, “George Clooney look-alike” and “stud muffin”
SBAA Member since:2011

By Joe Howell and Gene Deering

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